Tailored diet & nutrition advice

I’m a qualified Nutritionist based in St Albans.

If you're looking for nutrition and diet advice, get in touch today.  


Be active and eat healthy for a better life 


Sound nutrition advice from a qualified Nutritionist


Transforming your diet and lifestyle for the long term

With two degrees in food & nutrition and many years working for notorious food companies I now want to help you directly. Whether you're new to a healthy lifestyle or just looking to optimise your current diet.

You've probably already heard that you are what you eat. Well, it's true! And I am all about getting the nutrients you need through food. From guiding you with your weekly food shop to making tasty and nutritious meals in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The willpower and drive must come from you but we'll work together to keep you motivated. There are many tricks that I will share with you to keep you on the right track. Initially we will define your goals and we will get to work on a bespoke program made specially for you. Keep to it and you will see results in no time!

From expert advice to cooking lessons

Let’s put your cooking skills to the test.  Work 1:1 with me to learn new skills, recipes and foodie shortcuts in the kitchen.